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Taleggio is a semi-soft washed rind cheese, with a mild flavor underneath its pungency.  Serve it with a glass of red wine, and contemplate that you are eating one of Cicero’s favorite cheeses!

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Taleggio’s Taste

As the most recognized washed rind cheese, Taleggio is the most accessible entry point into a world of stinkier cheeses. This semi-soft classic hides a relatively mild, fruity flavor underneath its pungency and beautiful pink-gray rind. You might sense hints of lemon zest and red wines dancing on your tongue after taking a bite, and this cheese goes wonderfully with each of those. An inherent milkiness and meatiness offset its natural tang, bridging disparate tastes together effortlessly.

Serving Taleggio

Taleggio’s firm rind gives way into a milky texture that can be sliced or spread with ease. A hearty wheat cracker does its complexity justice, as does a fluffy strecci bread. Its best friend is any full glass of red wine, particularly Barolo or any rich Italian varietal. Feel free to melt this versatile cheese, as applying heat softens its texture and intensifies its flavor. When melted or grated, it can enliven radicchio salads and risottos.

How Taleggio Is Made

This Italian cheese has existed in some shape or form since the Roman Empire (apparently it was one of Cicero’s favorites). Aged 40 days with pasteurized cow’s milk, it is named after where it still has been produced after all these centuries: the scenic valley of Val Taleggio, from where it has steadily trickled out since the 11th century. Our providers wash their Taleggio periodically with brine throughout its aging process to ensure that its flavor eventually lives up to its storied history.

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Made in Val Taleggio, Lombardy, Italy


1-3 Months




Ambers & Brown Ales, Medium Bodied, Earthy Red Wines




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